skimmer boat test 3Developed through years of research and testing, the Seafoil System is a game changer

To help manage and contain the never ending contaminants and damage our industries and populations are having on fragile aquatic ecosystems worldwide, Seafoil Systems has developed a global solution for water pollution and a product range of high performance skimmers with multi-purpose applications.

Our all-in-one system can collect over 95% of organic, non-organic, solid and liquid waste from the water’s surface in optimal operating conditions.

Seafoil Systems skimmers can operate in conditions that other collection technologies and innovations cannot. The unique design of our system and multipurpose skimmer boats allows for waste collection in almost any waterway or marine environment – and for efficiently collecting surface oil of different viscosities, patches of waste and help control algal blooms.


Seafoil Systems, the future is clean.

Designed and developed for environmental cleanup and waste management industries in order to protect marine environments, the Seafoil System is a leading source of innovation in the industry.

Seafoil Systems range of multi-purpose skimmer boats can operate 24/7. They are easy to use and quick to deploy in all types of operating conditions and types of water systems including rivers, lakes, oceans, ports and marinas

Our system is not limited to the collection of oil and can function effectively with other forms of waste such as algae. Various sizes of floating waste or debris can be collected by utilizing the specialized attachment. Waste is then stored and later disposed – all without the need for additional support vessels or collection equipment.


Seafoil Systems unique process uses a simplified negative pressure system to separate waste according to its specific gravity and buoyancy, without the need for any additional processes or complicated machinery. Simply, the boat travels over waste material that flows naturally underneath the boat, then it is collected and transferred to storage for later disposal.

1. Water flows naturally under the moving boat bringing floating contaminants into the mouth of the collection system*

2. The contaminants pass under the boat where our system separates and concentrates the waste in the collection tank

3. The collected waste contaminants are transferred into on-board storage tanks (secondary storage options can also be utilized for this process).

* Typical Boat Operation Speed: 0.5-3 kts (dependent on waste type and collection conditions)

Process 2