seafoil skimmer boats companySeafoil Systems is revolutionizing the industry

The Seafoil System collects over 95% of water surface oil, waste and contaminants that pass into the system in optimal operating conditions.

Seafoil Systems markets and sells and exclusive range of multi-purpose skimmer boats which provide the most simple, capable and cost effective solution for clean aquatic ecosystems worldwide – featuring 24/7 operation, low maintenance, extensive waste storage options, premium upgrades, seamless integration with existing customer waste disposal equipment and worldwide support.

Seafoil Systems, the future is clean.


Seafoil Systems Limited

Seafoil final logo no black outlineSeafoil Systems sells an exclusive range of multipurpose skimmer boats equipped with the world’s most efficient system for extracting organic, non-organic, solid and liquid floating waste and contaminants from all types of fresh and saltwater aquatic ecosystems worldwide.


Weihai Wes-Tech Equipment Co. Ltd

Established in 2013, Wes-Tech develops and manufactures various technologies and products for exclusive sale by Seafoil Systems worldwide. Wes-Tech manufactures and assembles all components for the Seafoil Systems skimmer boats at its manufacturing & research facility in China. This includes a Seafoil Systems in-house design team and Research & Development branch.