The fast effective way to collect floating waste

skimmer boat waste collection

Seafoil Systems skimmer technology allows users to collect various types of waste such as garbage and debris from the water’s surface though use of our specialized attachment.

Our multi-tasking skimmers are equipped with a frontal attachment to collect larger waste (e.g. plastics, bottles, drift wood) and are designed to allow smaller components to pass through and be collected in the main system.

Larger debris or algae is collected in the basket and then lifted and stored on the deck in our customized storage. Smaller waste, debris, fluids and liquid algae that flows through the basket is collected and pumped off through normal collection methods.

The world’s most capable and simple to use system for the collection of aquatic waste.

All functions of the Seafoil System can be untilized at any time whilst the vessel is in motion and provide value added performance to everyday operations, especially in harbor or port operations where emergency response cleanup vessels are left on standby with no secondary function.