The future of oil cleanups worldwide

Seafoil Systems is setting new industry standards for oil spill cleanup operations.

Following years of research and development and an intensive study of the world’s current oil spill collection technologies, products, methods, innovations, techniques and equipment – Seafoil Systems was ready to bring a revolutionary new product to the oil spill cleanup industry. Through years of prototype and lab testing our collection system is not a more advanced technology, it’s simplified and practical. 

The performance and rating of oil skimmers is often based on the total volume of liquids transferred and NOT the actual volume or percentage of oil collected from water. Seafoil Systems bases its performance on what oil is ACTUALLY collected and NOT how fast a pump transfers oily water (e.g. 20% oil and 80% water). Unofficially, a 5% recovery rate of total oil spill volume is considered a successful clean up operation.

Seafoil Systems collects over 95% of oil that passes into the system in optimal operating conditions, and can collect more actual oil than any other system.

Our oil spill boats collection system has been designed for easy operation and uses a simple process to lift and separate oil collected from the water. This results in a much higher percentage of oil-to-water ratio than any other oil skimmer product. After collection the oil is pumped from the collection tanks by specialized transfer pumps designed specifically to allow for any viscosity of oil, small solids and liquid contaminants and transferred into storage.

Seafoil Systems, the global solution

Seafoil Systems manufactures skimmer boats from 3 m to 27 m with additional customized size and build options available. Our product range has been developed to provide a complete product range and coverage for any type of oil clean up and response scenario.

The most efficient oil clean up system available on the global market

  • Collects only the oil and not oily water
  • Operates in almost any water conditions or marine environment
  • Stand-alone system and not reliant on other equipment
  • Collects various viscosities of surface oil