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The only algae control system of its kind

The Seafoil System has been developed to be effective in the collection and control of floating algae on the water’s surface.

Algal blooms occur naturally and can also be caused by chemical runoff, resulting in potentially devastating and toxic pollution in our waterways.

Seafoil Systems multipurpose skimmer boats collect floating algae & waste and provide an effective first response capability for oil spill cleanup operations.

Our multi-purpose skimmer boats can help local governments and environmental cleanup services control algae in lakes, rivers, ports, estuary’s and marinas. The Seafoil system is able to remove algae in varying stages of development which can help prevent further spreading and occurrence of algal blooms.

Seafoil Systems skimmer boats can be configured allowing algae to be stored in separate interchangeable holding tanks or on a support vessel and still provide continuous operation. After collection, liquid and semi-solid algae can be transferred to self-draining bags located on-board the skimmer or in our customized barge systems for easy storage.