Seafoil_SGS Testing

Seafoil Systems provides customers with the latest and most effective skimmer technology available on the global market. Our skimmer boat performance goes above and beyond current industry standards. Seafoil Systems skimmers offer multi-application value and a highly efficient solution for floating waste management and environmental cleanup operations.



Independantly Verified by SGSsgs-logo

Seafoil Systems’ skimmer boat technology performance has been intensively tested and modified through years of development in open water, fresh water environments and controlled tank tests.

The testing of our products performance has been witnessed and verified by engineers from SGS – the world’s leading independent third party testing, verification and certification company.

Our skimmer boats have been proven to collect floating waste with a collection efficiency of over 95% for oil in controlled testing and a collection efficiency of 100% for algal simulants and various floating waste during our controlled tank tests.